Item revisions are a good way to track the development of an Item and its content. Every revision of an Item that is saved can be viewed, compared and restored in the revisions pane.

You will be able to see who saved the revision, when it was saved, and track the changes that have been made.

You can restore a revision of an Item by following these steps:

1. Open the revisions pane on an Item

2. Find the version of the Item you would like to restore

By default you will be shown the current version of the Item compared with the previous saved version. Changes will be highlighted to make it easier to see what’s been edited recently.

3. Choose to Restore the revision

You should now see that restored version on your Item, and can begin working on it.

NOTE: If the revision you're restoring to has a different template or structure, the Item will revert back to that. When this is a template, GatherContent will disconnect the template and convert it to a custom structure. Every time you make a change to a template, a new revision is created, making it easy to  review different versions of a template.

NOTE: If you upgrade to the new content editor, previous revisions from the legacy editor will not be available.

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