This article is for the legacy content editor.

Multiple people can collaborate on an Item in GatherContent at the same time. One of these people can edit, and the others viewing the Item can reply to comments and view updates to the content.

Viewing an Item

Whenever anyone accesses an Item, their initials will be displayed in a coloured circle in the top right of the Item.


Requesting access to an Item

When you’re in viewing mode, you can request access to become the editor of the Item:

1. Click on the initials of the current editor


2. Click “Request Access”


3. Giving access to someone else

Anyone who is viewing an Item can request access to become the editor of the Item. This doesn’t change the permissions they might have. When someone requests access to the Item you’re editing, a box will pop up which allows you to either give access, or decline their request:


You can also give access to another editor by clicking on their initials, and clicking “Give Access”.

Tip: After an editor has been idle for 5 minutes anyone who requests access will be granted it immediately.

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