This article is for the legacy content editor. 

Assigning someone (or multiple people) to an Item is a good way of letting them know they are responsible for it. People assigned to an Item will receive notifications if it is nearing its due date (or if it's overdue!), and will by default be selected to be notified when comments are made on the Item, or when its status is changed. Items assigned to someone will be displayed on their Project Overview page and will be highlighted in the Content tab.

There are two ways to assign someone to an Item. Here's how you can assign multiple people to an Item:

1. Head to the Content tab

2. Select the Items you want to assign to people

3. Select "Assign People"

4. Choose the people you want to assign

Click "Assign" to assign the Item to the people you've selected.

Here’s how you can assign an Item to one person:

1. Open an Item

Select the the Contributors tab.

2. Check off the people you would like to assign

This will send the person an email inviting them to work on this Item.

3. Do you want to invite someone new to the Item?

You can also invite new people (that don’t have GatherContent profiles) to an Item by using the form below and setting up some details. This means they’ll be able to instantly access the Item even if they’ve never used GatherContent before.

Tip: You can use the search on the top right of the Content tab to find all Items assigned to someone. Type their name into the search bar.

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