This article is for the legacy content editor. 

Items in GatherContent are quite different from a traditional document, so it can be useful to know some of the details before you get started.

How is an Item structured?

An Item is broken down into a series of fields, which allows the content to be broken up into smaller chunks. This is where you write your content. Each field has a label, some field guidelines, and if you specify, a word or character count. This helps authors write the content you need, in the format needed.

The field label is used to let the author know what content is required to be added to this field, and the field guidelines expand on this. If a character or word limit has been set, this will show as you type and the field will alert you if the limit has been reached.
Here's more information on word and character limits. 

Saving your content

As you're typing, you'll notice that the content is regularly being saved. You can also press the save button to create a manual revision.

Formatting options

If you're writing in a Rich Text Field, you can format any text using the simple editing tools at the top of the Item.

You can set a different level of heading, some standard text, as well as bold, underlined, italics and strikethrough.

You can also add a link, insert a table and view the HTML version of the field from these tools. When you've selected a Rich Text Field, the editing bar will appear at the top. Highlight any text you want to apply formatting to and apply the formatting, or click the formatting button of choice, and start typing.

Any content that you paste into a GatherContent field will have all its styling removed, so you're left with content with clean HTML applied to it, ready for export into another system. Bold, italic, strikethrough and underline will be carried across.

Does GatherContent have a spell checker?

GatherContent does not have a native spell checking, autocorrect or custom dictionary function built into the Item Editor as they are all built into the browser you're using.

You can update your spell checker, autocorrect and custom dictionary function in your browser directly, in order to use it within GatherContent. 

Helpful tips on adding content to an Item:

Only one person at a time can edit an Item, but multiple people can collaborate on the content reviewing process. You can request access to become the editor of an Item.
#2: You will not be able to edit the Item if it's in a 'Read-only' workflow status, however you will still be able to add comments to the Item.

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