In case you're wondering, the content editor is where you can write content inside GatherContent. Improvements that we've made to the content editor are:

  • Live collaboration like Google Docs, to work faster and more collaboratively with your team when producing content.
  • Emoji support in comments and content.
  • A more robust text editor.
  • Greatly improved performance when working with complex templates or lots of users.

What's changed?

  • You can now comment on assets and plain text fields, and use '@' to mention your colleagues in comments.
  • The manual 'Save' button is no longer available on an item.
  • The workflow has been streamlined, making it easier for items to flow through the right statuses in the workflow.
  • A 'copy HTML' option exists on fields on an item, but we've removed the ability to edit the HTML of a field.
  • The 'Apply a template' dropdown on an item shows you how many items a template is applied to. You don't have to go to the Templates tab to see this!
  • You can no longer add 'example text' to a field on a template. If you need to add starter text, you should add this to the item itself, or as part of the instructions below the field.
  • The Activity tab on an item has been removed, but we've added more detail to the Revision history to make it easy to see all activity in a single place.
  • The Notes tab on a item has been removed. You should now add any central notes or images to a Guidelines field on the item.

Got a specific question about something that's changed? Check out our FAQs or feel free to drop us a message using the blue bubble at the bottom right of this page.

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