This article is for the new version of the content editor.

To update the status of an item, you can do this either:

From in the item

1. From within the item, click the name of the current workflow status of this item at the top of the page.

2. Against the current status, click the 'Mark status as complete' button.
This will move the item to the next status in the workflow. 

3. Click the name of the current workflow status of the item to close the workflow dropdown menu.

Tip: You can't choose a specific workflow status to move the item into. If you want to move the item to a status further down in the list you'll need to press 'Mark status as complete' for as many statuses as you want to progress.

In bulk from the Content tab

1. Inside the project, head to the Content tab.

2. Select the items you want to update the status of using the checkboxes.
if you would like to select multiple items at once, select the first item, hold shift and then select the last item. This will select the everything in between.

3. From the Actions button dropdown, select 'Update status'.

4. From the dropdown, select the new status for these items, and click the 'Update Status' button.

You can also choose who to notify about this update.

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