This article is for the new version of the content editor. 

You can use comments to discuss your content. You can make comments directly on text and assets, and a record of the thread will be kept in the comment history. 

Add a comment to some text

1. Highlight some text on the item and select the comment bubble icon from the formatting toolbar that appears.

2. Write your comment and press 'Send'.

Your comment will now be visible on the item for your team to see. People can reply to your comment by clicking on it on the item, entering their comment into the comments box and pressing 'Send'.

Add a comment to an asset

1. Upload the asset to an asset field on the item's structure or template.

2. Hover over the asset and click the comment bubble icon.

3. Write your comment and press 'Send'.

Edit or delete a comment

You can edit or delete an existing comment from an item if you made the original comment.

1. Click the comment you want to edit or delete.

  • Click 'Edit' and edit the comment from the text box.
  • Click 'Delete' and then confirm by clicking 'Delete comment'.

You can't edit or delete a comment made by someone else.

Tip: You can delete the entire conversation at once by clicking the first comment in the conversation, and clicking 'Delete', and then 'Delete thread'.

Resolve a comment or conversation

If a conversation (a group of comments) has come to a natural end, you can resolve the conversation to remove it from the item. You can always view previously resolved conversations from the comment history.

1. On the item, click the conversation you wish to resolve.

2. At the top, click 'Resolve conversation'.

Helpful tips on Comments:
You can quickly see which items have new comments on them by going to the Content tab and looking for a blue comment bubble icon on items.

#2: You can also add comments to all text fields, including rich and plain text, assets and items that are in 'Read-only' mode.

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