When you create a new project, you select a Project Type, which defines the example templates and default workflow that are added to your project.

Example templates

Example templates are a great way to have a look at the different templates you can set up in GatherContent.

You will find the example templates under the Template tab. When creating an Item, you can apply an example template to it. You can fully edit & customise your template, either from the Template tab, or by clicking "Manage Template: {template name}" in the top right of your Item.

You can also delete any example templates from your project. Once you delete a template, it can not be recovered.

Default workflows

The default workflow can be found under the Workflow tab.

This is simply an illustration of what a workflow might look like for the particular project you're working on. You can fully customise your workflow to match your team's process. It's important to get everyone who will be working in GatherContent involved with the creation of your workflow, to ensure that you fully cover the steps your content goes through in the production process.

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