If you want to change the order of the Items in your Project, you can do so quickly from the Content tab. This will allow you to change the Item hierarchy in your project and switch the order that your Items are listed.

This is how to go about re-ordering the Items in a project:

1. Go to the Content tab

This is where you can see all the Items in your project, as well as some high level information about all the Items in your project.

2. Choose to 'Re-order' your Items

3. Drag and drop Items to change the order

You can drag Items vertically or horizontally to define a hierarchy.

Save your changes and your Items will now be listed in the new order.

Helpful tips on re-ordering your Items:
#1: You can also use the minus symbol on the right of a parent Item to collapse all the child Items to move a parent (with children) easily between section of your hierarchy.
#2: You can set a parent for an Item when you create the Item. There's a drop down below the field where you enter the name of the Item(s) you're adding.

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