If you go to the "People" tab, you will be able to see everyone that is working on, and can access the Project. Depending on a persons Role and Permissions, it may be necessary to manually add them to a Project before they can access it or see any of it’s content.

You can add someone to a project from within the project:

1. Open the ‘People’ tab

2. Click "Add someone new to this group..."

You can select an existing person in your account, by checking the box next to their name. Unchecking the box next to someones name will remove access to the project for that person. This will unassign them from any Items in this project.

3. Enter the name or email of the person you want to add

If someone doesn’t have a GatherContent profile, you will be given the option to email them an invite.

The person will receive an email to let them know they’ve been added to this project.

You can also add someone to a project from the People & Groups tab:

1. Open the ‘People & Groups’ section

2. Select the person you want to add to a project

Select the project you want them to access from the list of projects & press save.

Tip: You can manage everyone in your account from the People and Groups interface. You can learn about managing everyone in your account in this guide.

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