Import items from the Template Mapping interface

You can import items from the Template Mapping interface by selecting 'Review Items for Import'

Import selected items

You will be able to see the name of the GatherContent item, the last updated date for that item, and that item's GatherContent status.

Select the items you want to import and click 'Import Selected Items' at the bottom of the table.

Import process

Importing items is an asynchronous operation, meaning, once you start the import you can leave the page and it will continue until the items have completed importing. This means you're about to import a large number of items from GatherContent, but still keep in mind this could affect your site's performance, so you should try and do the initial content pull when you are not expecting a lot of traffic.

Review progress

To check on the progress of an import, Click on Template Mappings in the GatherContent navigation, hover on the mapping you would like to check on, then click "Review Items for Import"

See results

Go to the post type you selected and you'll see a list of all the Items you imported from GatherContent. Here you will be able to see and change the GatherContent workflow status and sync all the post types with the latest content.

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