It's possible to import content from GatherContent in multiple languages in Sitecore.

GatherContent most commonly supports multiple languages via content tabs.

Setup mappings

In order to import all language versions into a single item in Sitecore, a mapping should be specified for each language version.

Here's an example of mappings for French version of content

Here's an example of mappings for English version of content

Import Content

Once mappings are specified the content can be imported via the Import function. Navigate to the item (node) in the Sitecore tree that new Items should be imported to and select the "Import" option.

Choose a project and items for import

Specify language and mappings

On the confirmation screen it's possible to specify which language in Sitecore all items will be imported to and which mappings to use.

For example, to import English content from GatherContent into English version in Sitecore, the following configuration should be set.

Repeat process for each language

As soon as content from one language version has been imported, the next version can be imported in the same destination folder but with different configurations.

View results

As a result, we will get multilingual items in Sitecore

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