You can convert your GatherContent Item links in to Sitecore links using our integration.

Converting GatherContent Links

All hyperlinks within rich text content pointing to internal content items in GatherContent can be converted (expanded) in to Sitecore links during or after your Import. In order for the integration to convert your GatherContent links, your URLs must always be in the following format (the format of an Item link):


Links can be expanded either during the Import process by checking "Expand GatherContent Links" checkbox:

Or after the import by selecting a content node pressing Expand Links button on the GatherContent ribbon.

In both cases, the system will scan all rich text fields within selected sub-tree and convert GatherContent links to corresponding Sitecore links. The system will be able to convert a link if the referring item has been imported to Sitecore as well and that item has a Presentation layer.

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