A GatherContent account Item is created during the installation. The Item is used to store user credentials to connect to the GatherContent account via the API and settings of the plug-in. You have to set all these parameters in order to start:

Open Content Editor and navigate to /sitecore/system/Modules/GatherContent item

Navigate to Credentials section

Enter Credentials

Enter your GatherContent User Email Address, API Key and Platform URL and click Save. You can get instructions on generating your API Key in our API documentation. Please note that your email address is case-sensitive.

Update Settings

Once you've setup your credentials you can also customise the following settings:

Set Templates Root Folder

This is where you can specify a templates folder that will be used as root to select templates from on Mappings Template dialog. If not set /sitecore/templates/ will be used as a root

Set Output Date Format

All dates in the plug-in will be displayed in the specified format. If not set, ‘dd/MM/yyyy hh:mm tt’ format will be used by default.

Set DateTime Field Format

The DateTime field format will be used to map date in text format from a GatherContent field to a Sitecore Date or DateTime field.

Set Drop Tree Home Node

This is the node that will be used as parent for all node pickers across the connector.

Test Connection

After credentials are set you can test the connection to the GatherContent platform by following these steps:

Click the Test Connection button in the ribbon

Successful connection

If the connection is successful, the user will see the following message:

Failed connection

If the connection isn’t successful, a fail message will be shown, meaning that the credentials are incorrect.

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