This article is for the legacy content editor.  Importing content from a spreadsheet is not currently supported in the new version of GatherContent, but will be coming soon.

You can import content into your GatherContent account from a spreadsheet. This allows you to quickly populate your project with content ready for you to work on.

You'll need to do some preparation work on your spreadsheet to get it ready to import into GatherContent.

When structuring your spreadsheet, each row in your spreadsheet is a new Item, and each column in your spreadsheet is a field within the Item. The first column in your spreadsheet file contains the Item names, and the first row contains the field labels for your fields.

You can download a sample CSV file here, which you can use to test, or to help structure your CSV file. You can also use a spreadsheet formatted like this.

All Items which have been imported have an Auto Template applied to them, which is generated by GatherContent, based on the fields that are included in the spreadsheet.

You can then edit this Auto Template once you have completed the import if you need to add additional content to your Items. You can also duplicate the template and then re-apply it to some Items if your structure needs to diverge for a selection of Items in the import without losing content, allowing you to split the imported Items into different templates.

Once your spreadsheet is ready, you can import in into GatherContent by following these instructions:

1. Open the "Connect & Export" tab

2. Select the Import tab

3. Drag a spreadsheet into the rectangle to upload

You can also click on the upload box to select a file from your file viewer.

Tip: Is the number of Items to import not what you expected? Try saving the file as an .xlsx file and re-importing it.

4. Click "Import X Items"

This will then import all the Items from the spreadsheet. When you're running a large import, this may take some time.

Tip: Import taking a while to finish? If you've got any cell references in your spreadsheet, this may be blocking the import. Copy and paste your spreadsheet values as Plain Text (values only) and try importing this version.

5. Head to your "Content tab"

This is where you'll see your Items have been imported to. If you leave the import screen, the import will continue to run in the background.

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