You can map GatherContent fields to Paragraphs fields the same way you would map other fields.

This feature requires the Paragraphs module

Make sure the Paragraphs module is installed on your Drupal instance. You can check your installed modules under extend tab.

Admin > Extend


Create a content type with a paragraph field

Create a new paragraph type if you don’t already have one.

Admin > Structure > Paragraphs types


Add any supported field (listed on our mapping setup page) to the paragraph type. The same types of fields are supported as previously. For further details on the supported fields, please read this doc.

Create a new content type if you don’t already have one.

Admin > Structure > Content types


Navigate to the manage fields page of the content type by clicking the Manage fields button.


Add a paragraph field to the content type.

1. Click the Add field button.

2. Select the Paragraph field type, click Save and continue.

3. Set the type of reference to Paragraph, and the allowed values to Unlimited. Click Save field settings.

4. The "Users may translate this field" checkbox must NOT be enabled.

5. At the bottom of the page find your paragraph type and check it. Click "Save settings".

Create mapping

Go to Manage Mappings

Admin > Configuration > GatherContent > Manage Mappings


and create a mapping to the content type as you have seen before.

New mapping options should now be available. You should see the paragraph fields you specified earlier as possible mapping fields - provided that they correlate to the supported GatherContent fields.

You can differentiate paragraph fields from their counterparts based on their longer names. A name looks like this:

1 (bundle: 2) - 3

1: The name of the paragraph field in your content type.

2. The name of the paragraph type.

3. The name of the basic field in your paragraph type.

Import, update, upload content

You can import, update and upload items the same way you did before.

Unlimited paragraph support

We support unlimited paragraphs. This means in one mapping you can map multiple GatherContent fields to the same paragraph field.

When we create the paragraph field of the content type we have to explicitly set the allowed number of values as Unlimited.

Go to Manage Mappings, and create a mapping for a GatherContent template you would like to map to the content type with the unlimited paragraph field.

Important: the field of the GatherContent template must be in the order of paragraph instances. If you would like to map 2 textfields and 2 image fields to unlimited paragraphs, you must arrange the GatherContent fields like this:

  • GC Text 1
  • GC Image 1
  • GC Text 2
  • GC Image 2
  • GC Text 1
  • GC Text 2
  • GC Image 1
  • GC Image 2

And NOT any other way, e.g.:

Nested paragraphs

We do not support nested paragraphs.

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