Our integration supports the import of metadata content. Metadata content on GatherContent is usually stored in a tab within your template or structure. Your metadata content will need to be saved in it's own tab in GatherContent to work with the integration. Here's what you need to do to use meta tags with our integration:

Install "Metatag" module

For Drupal 8 integration, you will need to add a new field and select Meta tags field type to your content type right after module installation.

View mappings

You'll now see the type option for each GatherContent tab on your mapping screen . You can now choose if the GatherContent tab is mapped to Content or with Metatag values. If necessary, you can also specify the meta tag language.

Mapping options

Currently, we support the basic meta tag options - title, description, abstract, keywords. The GatherContent fields you want to use for meta tags must be in plain text format.

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