Once you've setup your mappings you can start importing content to Drupal. Here are the steps for importing content:

Go to the Import page

Drupal 7

Go to Admin > Configuration > GatherContent > Import

Drupal 8

Manage > Configuration > GatherContent > Import.

Choose GatherContent Project

Only Projects with mapped Templates will be visible in the dropdown options. Once you've selected your Project all the content (Items) with mapped templates will be populated.

Choose Items to import

You can filter by GatherContent Workflow status, Template name and select the Items you want to Import. For each item you can choose the status in Drupal after you've imported, so if content should be published or unpublished. You can also define your content hierarchy. From the menu drop-downs for each Item you can select a specific parent or not to create a menu item, default value is set to default parent item from Drupal content type configuration. Once you've selected the content you want to import click the "Continue" button.

Confirm your import selection

Review your selection and click the "Import" button. At this stage you can also choose whether you'd like to update the GatherContent workflow status of the Items you're importing. You can also choose Content update method here.

Import in progress

View Import results

Once the import is finished, you will be redirected to the Import results page. From here you will be able to see what has imported successfully and what has failed to import and the reason for this. You can also click the links to open the imported content

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