Here's how you can authenticate your module after installing it:

Head to Authentication

You will find authentication in:

Drupal 7 Authentication:

Admin > Configuration > GatherContent > Authentication (/admin/config/gathercontent§/config)

Drupal 8 Authentication:

Manage > Configuration > GatherContent > Authentication (/admin/config/gathercontent/config).

Enter your email address and API Key

Enter your GatherContent user email address and your GatherContent API Key. Here’s information on where you can generate an API key from. Then click "Verify" button.

Select account

After verifying your credentials, you need to choose the GatherContent account you will be using to import content. Then click the "Save Button".

Test connection

You can test your connection to your GatherContent account on the “Test connection” tab.

Import configuration

You can set some global options for your future imports and updates such as default update method or default node status after import/update.

You will find import configurations in:

Drupal 7 Import configuration:

Admin > Configuration > GatherContent > Import configuration (admin/config/gathercontent/import-config)

Drupal 8 Import configuration:

Manage > Configuration > GatherContent > Import configuration (admin/config/gathercontent/import-config).

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