We provide Drush integration for both Drupal 7 and Drupal 8. Drush is a command line tool for Drupal which helps you perform various admin tasks using just a couple of commands in the terminal. You can also integrate this with the GatherContent Drupal module, so you can automatically import content after deploying the new version through your CI tool, amongst other tasks.

You can use the following commands:

  • gathercontent-list-mappings (gc-lm) - Using this command you can find available mappings in Drupal.
  • gathercontent-list-status (gc-ls) - Using this command you can find available statuses in GatherContent for a specific project.


  • project_id - ID of project in GatherContent. You can find this value using drush gathercontent-list-mappings.
  • gathercontent-import (gc-i) - Using this command you can import content into defined mapping from GatherContent into Drupal.


  • mapping_id - ID of Drupal mapping. You can find this out using drush gathercontent-list-mappings.
  • node_update_method - Method used for updating nodes in Drupal. Allowed values are always_create, update_if_not_changed, always_update, always_update is predefined one. More about the node update method can be found in this article about importing content.
  • parent_menu_item - Machine name of predefined parent menu item.
  • status_id - ID of GatherContent status. If this parameter is provided, status will be changed in GatherContent. You can find available values using drush gathercontent-list-status
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