Select the GatherContent plugin

Click on the 'Create new mapping' button

Select your GatherContent account

Choose the GatherContent project that you're importing content from and the template you'd like to map. Then select the Craft section & Entry type you'd like to map the content to. You can also select the Craft status when you migrate the content (enabled or disabled).

A GatherContent template and Craft Entry type can only be mapped once. Previously mapped templates and Entry types will be visible, but not selectable.

Map the GatherContent fields to the relevant Craft fields

You can select 'Do not map' if you want the plugin to ignore a field. We only support one to one mapping of fields.

Then click Save in the top right of the screen when you're done.

You can map the each GatherContent fields type to the following Craft field types:

GatherContent Plain text field:Craft Rich text & Plain text fields, Craft Number fields, Craft Tags

You can set tags from Text fields using the 'Tag 1, Tag 2" format. You can also set tags using Checkbox Element.

GatherContent Rich text field:
Craft Rich text & Plain text fields

GatherContent Attachment field:
Craft Assets field

GatherContent Radio Buttons field:
Craft Radio Buttons

GatherContent Checkbox field:
Craft Checkboxes, Craft Tags

Craft field types currently not supported:
Categories, Color, Date/Time, Entries, Lightswitch, Matrix, Position Select, Table, Users. We hope to support these in the near future.

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