Once you've set up your Craft template mapping, you can migrate content from GatherContent into Craft.

There's three options to migrate content; you can migrate all the Items that are mapped to templates in your account, all Items mapped to one template, or select which Items to migrate.

Migrating all mapped templates & all Items in one go

Click the 'Run all migrations' button in the top right of the screen.

You can Deactivate any mapping you prefer not to migrate during the 'Run all migrations'.

If you click on the 'Migrate' link next to a mapping, you'll migrate all Items using that template.

Selecting which Items to migrate

Click on the '# Items' link, visible in the screenshot above. Select which Items you want to migrate, and click 'Migrate Items'


You can search by Item name, and workflow status.

You'll then be shown a summary of all the Items which were migrated, and be able to visit the migrated Item in both Craft and GatherContent.

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