Every person in your GatherContent account has a role applied to them. This role controls what they can and can't do within your GatherContent account & offers a great deal of customisation with the administrative and content permissions you can grant your users. Each account comes with three default roles which can be easily customised. You can also create as many of your own roles as you need.

Here's how you can see the roles that your account currently has, and create a new one:

1. Open People and Groups

This is found under the drop down from your avatar in the top right of your account.

2. Select Roles & Permissions Tab

Here you can see the roles you currently have in your account and a short description about each role. Click on each role to see what permissions that role has.

3. Understanding Permissions

Below provides a breakdown of all the permissions you can select for a role on GatherContent, and what they allow your user to do:

Access all projects
Ability to access all projects in your GatherContent account. 

Edit account settings
Ability to access and edit all account settings - with the exception of changing account owner. 

Start project
Permissions to create, archive or delete a project.

Access to billing tab, invoices and ability to change subscription. 

Receive product updates via email
You can opt-in or out your users on the GatherContent product updates. 

Access all items within a project
Ability to view and access all Items in projects they have access to. 

Add items
Ability to add, archive and delete Items. They can also restore archived Items. 

Edit item structures and manage templates
Permissions to add and edit structure to Items. Permission to create, edit, import, duplicate templates. 

Manage Workflow
Permissions to view and edit project workflow 

Add notes to an item
Ability to add and edit content to the notes tab on an Item. 

Assign items
Permissions to add and remove assignees from Items 

Set due date
Ability to add, change and remove workflow due dates 

Change item status
Permissions to change the workflow status of Items 

Comment on items
Permission to comment on any Item user has access to. 

Write content
Ability to write, edit and remove content from any Item the user can access, which is not in a 'read only' workflow stage. 

Export content
Permissions to export content as Word or PDF documents. 

Use site map
The user with this permission can access the content map tab in every project they have access to. 

Access private tabs
Ability to access private tabs on Items they have access to. 

Access files library
Permissions to access the files library tab and to download files for all projects they can access. 

Add users
Ability to invite and remove users from the GatherContent account. The invitee can also chose user permissions and what projects they access. 

Edit roles and permissions
Possibly the most important permission! Ability to edit user permissions, including their own permissions. Use with caution. 

Access to training tab
Permission to access the training tab in the projects users have access to. 

4. Creating a new role

Scroll to the bottom of Roles & Permissions tab, where you'll see a button labelled 'Create another role'. Click on this and select the permissions you want to apply to the role. 

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