Recent improvements we've made to GatherContent are:

  • We've moved all tabs inside a project over to the left-hand side for easier access.
  • The Connect & Export tab is now called 'Migrate'.
  • The People tab has been incorporated into the 'People & Groups' page which can be found from your avatar.
  • The Content Map tab of a project has been moved to a new location. You can see this button now on the Content tab, next to 'Re-order items'.

What's changed?

  • You can still white label your account by uploading your logo, but you can no longer change the colour of GatherContent.
  • You can no longer add entries items to a project. Going forward you should use the templates in GatherContent to structure your items.

Got a specific question about something that's changed? Check out our FAQs or feel free to drop us a message using the blue bubble at the bottom right of this page.

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