When you first log into GatherContent you'll see the project dashboard. A project is a bucket you can use to group together your content pieces (items). You could use a project to group content together for a specific section of your website or a unique product, an entire web re-design project or all content for a specific client that you work with.

GatherContent will provide you with some example projects to show you how GatherContent can be used. These also come with example templates, workflows and users, so you can begin testing out the features in a real-life environment.

A project consists of a number of items, which you can find on the Content tab inside the project. The items can be organised into a hierarchy to reflect a website's sitemap. This hierarchy can be re-ordered from the Content tab, or defined when creating new items.

Projects also contain your templates, which are the structures of your items and a workflow which you can move your items through, which can be designed to reflect your internal process to include the creation, review and approval stages of the project.

You can set due dates for each step in your workflow, so you always know if the project is on track with your timescales.

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