We have a video showing you the basics of getting started with GatherContent:

Below we've pulled together some useful resources to help you get started with GatherContent:

Produce content in GatherContent

Dive right into learning how to write, edit and approve content within a clear workflow.

  1. Find out which items (similar to pages on a website, or articles in a blog section of your website) are assigned to you.
  2. Learn how to add and edit your content and add comments to help review content.
  3. Update an items workflow status once you're ready to notify other working on the content that it's their turn to work on the content.

Learn how to set up a project in GatherContent

Structure, organise, manage and migrate content using GatherContent.

  1. Build out your first template, and learn about the different field types each template contains and include guidelines to help direct authors.
  2. Create items with the template applied to them, ready for others to add content and comments to.
  3. Invite people to your project, and control what they can and can't do by the role which you give to them. 
  4. Set up a workflow for your project, and apply due dates to workflow status'.
  5. Migrate content from GatherContent into your CMS, ready to go live.
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