In case you're wondering, the structure editor is where you can build and edit the structure and templates for your items. Improvements that we've made to the structure editor are:

  • Improved drag and drop of fields onto a structure or template.
  • Greatly improved performance when working with large projects and complex item structures.
  • Guidelines text is now called 'instructions'.
  • Attachment fields are now called 'asset fields'.

What's changed?

  • Each field now has a 'Settings' link (text fields only), where you can find the option to:

             - Make the field plain text
             - Set a word or character limit for a field

  • Field drag and drop functionality is now controlled by clicking and dragging the 6 dots at the far-right of a field.
  • The settings cog of a tab has additional options such as 'Move left' and 'Move right', to make editing your structure easier.
  • You're not able to duplicate a tab at the moment or make tabs private, but they're coming soon!

Got a specific question about something that's changed? Check out our FAQs or feel free to drop us a message using the blue bubble at the bottom right of this page.

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