This article is for the legacy structure editor. 

Templates are Item structures that you can apply to multiple Items; they’re useful if you have a lot of Items in your Project that share the same structure. You might have Templates for Services pages, or Staff bios.

Templates can be found in each project in the Templates tab, and you can create new ones and edit them from here.

You can apply a Template to an Item when you create it, or to an existing Item from the Edit structure interface. You can also apply a Template to multiple Items at once by going to the Content tab, checking off a few pages, and choosing "Actions", "Apply structure", then "Apply a template".

You'll need the necessary permissions to be able to edit and create templates.

Follow these steps to create a new Template:

1. Open your Templates tab in a project

You'll see a number of example templates added here dependent upon the Project Type that was selected.

2. Click on "Create New"

3. Build out your Template

Guidelines and word/character limits will be included in the Template. You can learn about structuring items in this article.

4. Save your Template

5. Use your Templates…

When you’re creating Items:

To existing Items in bulk:

Or directly from an item:

Tip: When you update a Template, the changes you make will affect all Items using that Template. This makes it really easy to manage large numbers of Items.

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