This article is for the legacy structure editor.

Once you’ve got some Items in your project, you will probably want to add structure to them. Adding structure is important as it lets you add content to Items. Without Structure, an Item cannot have content added to it.

When we say adding structure; we’re talking about adding different content input fields such as text fields, file attachment fields, radio button menus and so on. These fields can then be used to collect the relative types of content.

An Item can have either a custom structure applied to just that Item, or have the structure converted to a template, which can be applied to multiple Items. You'll need to work with templates if you're working with any of the integrations. 

Here’s an outline of how you might add some structure to an Item:

1. Open a blank Item

2. Open the structure interface

3. Build out your Item

Customise fields to reflect the content you want to collect. You can change the name of the field (the ‘field label’), add some guidelines or a word/character limit. Do this by clicking in the label and editing it in-line.

4. Save your structure

Select “Update structure” to save your Item. And you can now and add some content to your Item!

Tip: Did you know that you can save Item structures as Templates. This makes it really quick to add structure to Items. You can even apply templates to multiple items at once from the Content tab. Learn about using Templates in this article.

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