This article is for the legacy structure editor. 

You can include guidelines for every field in your items and templates. This will minimise back and forth and clarify what content you need to get added to a field. You can add word and character count limits to all text fields.

You can also include guideline fields on your items and templates to provide further information.

Follow these steps to add guidelines:

1. Label each field you've added

Just click on the placeholder text and add a descriptive label for the field.

2. Write guidelines for each field

The more information you can provide here the easier you will make it for each contributor.

3. Set limits for text fields

You can set text and character limits for each text field. These will notify users when they are exceeded.

4. Add guideline fields

You can add a guideline field to provide even more information.

5. Add a guideline tab

You can even add a guideline tab populated with multiple guideline fields to provide even more detailed guidelines.

6. Use the notes tab

Item Notes are a good way to add extra guidelines, supporting information and attachments to an Item. Find out more about adding notes to an item.

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