You can upgrade or downgrade your subscription plan from the Billing tab in your Account Settings. You can see our most popular plans on our pricing page.

If you decide to upgrade your subscription, a prorated amount will be charged to the payment method on file immediately, reverting to your normal billing cycle afterwards.

If you want to downgrade your subscription, this will take effect from the end of the current billing period, where you'll automatically be downgraded once the current billing period has lapsed. This applies to any plan which has a lower value than the one you're changing from, so for instance from an annual Studio plan to a Pro plan charged monthly.

1. Go to your Account Settings

2. Open the Billing tab and click "Change Plan"

3. Select the plan you'd like to move your account onto

You may need to delete some Items or archive some projects if you want to downgrade and you are over your plan limit. 

You'll receive an email from us confirming the subscription change, and if you decided to downgrade your subscription, you'll also receive another when the downgrade takes effect.

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