Once you have closed your account and cancelled your subscription, you will no longer be billed. Cancelling your subscription removes the billing information, and once your current billing period finishes, your account will be closed and you'll no longer have access. You can change your mind at any point and reactivate your subscription.

1. Go to your Account Settings

2. Scroll to the 'Close your account' section and click 'Close my account'

Select a reason, complete the feedback field and click the red 'Close my account' button to complete the process. This removes your billing details from our system and closes your account at the end of the billing period.

You will have full access to your content until the end of the billing period, along with any other users.

3. Reopen your account

You can reopen your account and reactivate your subscription at any time from the Account Settings. Head to the 'Your account is closed' section of your Account Settings and click on the green 'Reopen my account' button.

If you decide to reopen your account you'll need to provide billing information as this is removed when you close your account.

Tip: You can reopen an account even once your subscription has expired. Simply log into your account and follow the instructions on the screen.

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